Itís finally here! The new puzzler based on Reiner Kniziaís medal-winning board game.

It is no wonder that the board game from creator Reiner Knizia has won just about every award known to the gaming community. At last, we now have the opportunity to play the game with all the whistles and bells that a computer processor allows. And this combination is just off the charts with game playing fun! The game features strategy but sometimes luck will turn your strategy upside down. You place the rows of colors to achieve points, the more colored pieces placed in the correct scheme, the more points. Pretty simple you say, right? You couldnít be more wrong. The combinations that can be created are simply incalculable! Every game you play will be different than any other that you played before and that is the beauty of this incredible puzzler. The coders here at Retro64 blew off an entire afternoon playing this one. The consensus by the entire department was simple, the game is absolutely named correctly. Ingenious is coming soon to Retro64!

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  • Ingenious has Fun, Addictive Play
  • At 18.87 megs, Ingenious is a quick download
  • Safe, secure ordering from a well-known source
  • Play Ingenious immediately after ordering
  • 48 hour money-back guarantee
System Requirements: OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 8.0 or later CPU: P750 Video: 16MB Video Card


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