Save the little bumps in this brain bender!

If you're tired of seeing the same styles of games, then we have a treat for you because Bumps is on the scene! It's a brain-bending puzzler which can be quite tricky, yet fun at the same time. Little bumps are trapped in bubbles, and only you can free then by collecting all the keys for each level. Sounds easy? Well, you only get to release the ball once! Bumps is coming soon to Retro64!

Bumps Screenshots
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Bumps Features
  • Bumps has Fun, Addictive Play
  • At 16.97 megs, Bumps is a quick download
  • Safe, secure ordering from a well-known source
  • Play Bumps immediately after ordering
  • 48 hour money-back guarantee
System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, 700Mhz CPU, 512 Megs RAM, DirectX Compatible Video with 32 MB


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